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Crystal Love Lamp

Crystal Love Lamp

Crystal Love Lamp

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Crystal Rose Lamp – Raku Decor

How it works...

Radiate joy with just a single-tap.

Simply turn it on and let it illuminate your room with its stunning crystal effect.  Let it brighten up your day in a few seconds.

Perfect for setting the mood just right on your dinner date with your loved one. Take your love life to the next level!

Crystal Diamond Table Lamp ,Touch Control Bedside Lamp with USB Port,1 –  BULKY BUZZ


16 different magical colors

Who doesn't love variety? 16 different colors and all it takes is one tap until you find your favorite one.

Also comes with a remote with every color if you're just relaxing in bed and dont feel like getting up.


Lifts up your mood.

Our lamps are a great way to lift up your mood for the day.  Simply tap it and let it brighten up your environment and mood. 

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